Do This Each Time After Publishing a Post

When you have your own blog, then you must be the one who writes all the posts.
But what good it is when nobody gets to know about your posts?

This could be your downfall.
Because you put a lot of time into making your articles.
Searching for sources, and thinking of new ways to translate your new found material.
Using as many keywords you can come up with.

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Finally it’s done, you have constructed an excellent post.
But what now?

Ever heard of promoting?

There are some thing you need to remember to do, after each time you’ve published your post.

  1. Choose the best time to publish your post.
    Using Google analytics you can easily track when you can publish your post.
    Also use a powerful headline.
    Make people curious about what the article is about.
    People need to get the feeling that they want to read the rest of the article on the first moment the lay eyes on the title
  2. Share your post
    Social media is THE tool to promote your blog and posts.
    Make sure that when you published an blogpost you make an status update on each social media platform you have registered with.
    I mean Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr. etc, these are the places people hang out, and the best places to bring your posts under the attention.
  3. Get Bookmark Listed.
    Bookmarking websites are a great way to promote your blog posts.
    Take a look at StumbleUpon and Digg, each person with a account there will see your posts.
    This will also help you ease up in one most popular search engine out there Google.
    When Google notices that you link is listed on more places on the web, Google will think your link is important, and will place your link higher in the search results.
  4. Share your link on LinkedIn
    LinkedIn has two place where you can contribute your post.
    Answers and Groups, share your link within these places and you will create more traffic for your blog.
  5. Comment on other blog
    Take a look at blogs that have similar content as you, and comment under there post.
    This will get you more notoriety and people will start to recognize your blog name.
    You can also comment and place your link. This will make people to also want to check out your post.
  6. Use your email signature
    But your latest blog post links in your signature.
    And email as you normally do.
    This is the most easiest way to promote your posts and blog.
  7. Email your blog post
    When you think you wrote a very useful article, and it will help benefit people you know.
    Why not send them this?
    You can make a small introduction,
    And past the link from your blog post in your email.
  8. Add your post to your newsletter.
    If you use newsletters, place your link into your newsletter that you will send to all the email addresses in your mailing list.
    People subscribed to you to get updates from each post you make.
    So send them this also and they will happily read all about it.

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