For those who dont personally know me, here’s a little story.

I used to hang out a lot at a Tokio Hotel fanforum in the redlight destricht. Mostly and Particilair the Bill +18 thread. This is where alof friends and two very special ones, who are still dear to me, and myself, discuse our sexual fantanties about the lead singer of Tokio Hotel, Bill Kaulitz…..-_-, all the nasy things were said..

On this thread their was a conversation about Bill ( as always ) about how hot he would look as a fallen angel. A one winged angel. Like Sephiroth.

I really was getting into the idea, and rememberd I had photoshop installed on my desktop. So I took photoshop and hubbeld en fubbeld a litte with it and this is how my first manip one wingel Angel came to life.image

All the girls loved it and so on so forth a am making now photomanipulations, banner, adds, etc. And took on a study for Desk Top Publishment……

But the most I enjoy is making own creations, and I am trying to learn some surreal stuff….. Keeping you updated


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