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Do This Each Time After Publishing a Post

When you have your own blog, then you must be the one who writes all the posts.
But what good it is when nobody gets to know about your posts?

This could be your downfall.
Because you put a lot of time into making your articles.
Searching for sources, and thinking of new ways to translate your new found material.
Using as many keywords you can come up with.

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Finally it’s done, you have constructed an excellent post.
But what now?

Ever heard of promoting?

There are some thing you need to remember to do, after each time you’ve published your post.

  1. Choose the best time to publish your post.
    Using Google analytics you can easily track when you can publish your post.
    Also use a powerful headline.
    Make people curious about what the article is about.
    People need to get the feeling that they want to read the rest of the article on the first moment the lay eyes on the title
  2. Share your post
    Social media is THE tool to promote your blog and posts.
    Make sure that when you published an blogpost you make an status update on each social media platform you have registered with.
    I mean Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr. etc, these are the places people hang out, and the best places to bring your posts under the attention.
  3. Get Bookmark Listed.
    Bookmarking websites are a great way to promote your blog posts.
    Take a look at StumbleUpon and Digg, each person with a account there will see your posts.
    This will also help you ease up in one most popular search engine out there Google.
    When Google notices that you link is listed on more places on the web, Google will think your link is important, and will place your link higher in the search results.
  4. Share your link on LinkedIn
    LinkedIn has two place where you can contribute your post.
    Answers and Groups, share your link within these places and you will create more traffic for your blog.
  5. Comment on other blog
    Take a look at blogs that have similar content as you, and comment under there post.
    This will get you more notoriety and people will start to recognize your blog name.
    You can also comment and place your link. This will make people to also want to check out your post.
  6. Use your email signature
    But your latest blog post links in your signature.
    And email as you normally do.
    This is the most easiest way to promote your posts and blog.
  7. Email your blog post
    When you think you wrote a very useful article, and it will help benefit people you know.
    Why not send them this?
    You can make a small introduction,
    And past the link from your blog post in your email.
  8. Add your post to your newsletter.
    If you use newsletters, place your link into your newsletter that you will send to all the email addresses in your mailing list.
    People subscribed to you to get updates from each post you make.
    So send them this also and they will happily read all about it.

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How to blog about Affiliate links

When you have your own blog you can write a post about the products you promote.
And place your affiliate links in your text. Or make hyperlinks.

This is probably the hardest way.
Because you have to look for sources to write about,
And must do all the typing yourself, nonetheless it IS one of the most effective way to persuade your audience to click on your links.

When people read about a product, and you can bring out all the positive abilities from this product in your article, people will want to know more about this amazing product, and follow you through the links.

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Another way, is to promote your links in the sidebars of your blog.
This is a subtle way, people see the links and decide on there own if the want to click on them.

Always place some affiliate banners and ads in your sidebars.
This boosts the look of a professional website more.

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How to become an Affiliate

There are a lot of affiliate programs out there.
All you need to do is to find what you have the most passion for to promote.

Here are a few Affiliate Networks that are known for there great way of working.

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Commission Junction.

Clickbank has also great way for you to learn how to promote your links.
Commission Junction is more for the mediator,
We will discus this is another post.

When you have your own website or Blog you can sign up for these programs.
This is the moment You become an affiliate.

You can find links from different marketeers.
After finding these links you can post them on your pages.
And people will click on them.
With each click and lead you earn commission.
The amount of commission depends on what kind of affiliate program you signed up for.
Some are even 75% of each sale!

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If you want to make it in the affiliate world and online marketing you need your own website.
But there are always a few issues if it comes to this website.
You don’t have your own website?
Or you don’t know how to make one.
And there is always option number 3
Don’t have that much money to spend to Make your own website

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Well that’s okay,
Let me tell you the truth about this website.
Not a single dime has been spend to set up this website.
Only some time.

First of,
Let’s say you do have some money you would like to invest.
Then I suggest you think up a name for your website first and see if it is available
Go Daddy is one of the best domain registers out there.
Plus they have great offers in hosting websites.
The offer free website software to build websites.
Better go take a look >>>
Get your own online store — in minutes! GoDaddy.com Quick Shopping Cart®

Now back to not spending a dime to create a website.
If you have a Google account you can create a Blogger blog.
Hold on I now what you are thinking, Blogger templates look uncool, and look like a blog.
Well think again.
Throughout the years Blogger has changed a lot and there are tons of blog templates that make your blogger blog look like a professional website.
Blogger is a free platform, and so are most of the templates.
Here are two websites where you can get amazing free blogger templates.

All you have to do is download the blog template you like.
Open the text template, copy and paste it into the HTML section of your blog, and there you go.
With every template download you get a easy step by step manual on how to install a blogger template, so it’s child’s play.

After you are done with your copy and paste template you are ready to go, and make posts with your affiliate links.

This is how you create your own free website.
There one thing you will need, that isn’t free of charge, and that is a domain name.
You get a free domain name from blogger, but is will always say .blogger
This does not look professional and won’t score high in search engines.
Plus when people see you own a blogger blog, then they might think you are trying to scam them.

Domains can be registered from $1, a year so that is very cheap and certainly the investment worthy.
Check out Go Daddy for these deals, or Hostgator. Both have very potential deals

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Hello there!

If you never heard of affiliate and internet marketing I can imagine that you are probably asking yourself: What is Affiliate?
How to Affilite?
and Will I make money with Affiliate?

Let me explain to you step by step what affiliate means and how YOU can earn money with affiliates.

People how are affiliates, promote products and services for companies, to potential costumers, in return they receive commission for each sale, click, and lead.

Let make an example here.
There is an company that promotes mobile phones.
They want to promote these mobile phones trough advertisements on the web.
You are part of their affiliate program and receive banners and text banners to promote them.
When you are a affiliate you have your own website, so you can place these banners and etc, on your website.
When somebody sees the banners and clicks on them, you get commission.
When somebody lands on the company’s website, you receive commission.
When somebody buys a mobile phone, you receive commission.

It’s really that simple!

Everybody can do it!
That’s what’s so great about it.
You don’t have to be a skilled marketeer to do this.
There are single moms who do this.
People over 40 who lost their jobs thanks to economy crisis.
Even teenagers.

With just some simple clicks you can earn some extra money a month to help you in life.

How do I become an affiliate?
There are a lot of affiliate networks out there.
Here you can sign up to be become an affiliate.
Once your application has been approved you can start searching for marketeers that you see fit, and promote there links.

Some of the greatest and most successful affiliate networks are Clickbank and Commission Junction
There signup programs are simple and charge free.
Once you signed up for there affiliate program you can start promoting links and earn your commission.

You can promote affiliate links in all kinds of way.
You don’t need to own a website.
There are some few easy ways to promote affiliate links without having your own website.

Affiliate email marketing is also a powerful way to promote your links and earn commission.
When you have a big mail list you can type up a few words and place these affiliate links in your email.

Also when you use signature lines, you can put affiliate links in your tagline.
People will click easier on your affiliate links when they see it’s from people they already know.

Earn Money 
Affiliate networks have there own system to know how and when there was a sale or a click.
You can earn commission up 75% of each sale that is being made. This can be from $1 to $500 depending on what kind of affiliate program you signed up for.

For more information about affiliate networks, look under the Networks tap.

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2NE1 is a Recipient of “2012 Korean Popular Culture & Arts Awards–Prime Minister’s Award

South Korea’s Ministry of Culture, Sports & Tourism and Korea Creative Content Agency(KOCCA) held its annual award show, ‘Korean Popular Culture & Arts Award‘ at Seoul’s Olympic Hall on November 19th. Three K-Pop artists won awards at the award show. SHINee won the Ministry of Culture Award, 2NE1 won the Prime Minister’s Award, and Psy received the highest honor with theCultural Medal Award. Actor Kim Soo Hyun also received the Ministry of Culture Award. However,2NE1 and Psy couldn’t attend due to scheduling conflicts. (cr: allkpop)
The Korean Popular Culture and Arts Award is an annual award that serves to recognize the contributions of individuals/groups to the development of popular culture, the arts and the Korean wave.
There are 4 award categories: the Minister of Culture, Sports & Tourism Award, the Prime Minister Award, the President Award, and the most prestigious Cultural Medal.
Funded and organised by the Korea’s Ministry of Culture, Sports & Tourism and the Korea Creative Content Agency, the awards were created with the motive of recognizing the driving forces of the Korean Wave and also to recognize the creative artists that are the pride of Korea.
The nominees of the 2012 Korean Popular Culture and Arts Award that would have the honour of ‘climbing the podium’ include Korea’s representative rock band ‘Sanulrim‘ ‘s vocal Kim Chang Wan, luxury actor Han Suk Kyu, National MC Yoo Jae Seok, and girl group 2NE1, who is at the forefront of K-pop. 30 pop-culture artists have been nominated.
These pop-culture artists have been nominated by professionals/experts. Honorary director of the Busan International Film Festival, Kim Dong Ho, heads the jury panel of experts, which makes the final nominations. The final nominees are then evaluated on their achievements in the field and their contributions to the industry, and the winners were finalized in early November at the final jury meeting.
The awardees for the 2012 awards were announced earlier this week.
2NE1 will receive the Prime Minister’s Award on November 19th along with the other awardees in their category: Yoo Jae SeokLee Eun HaKim Hyung SeokJo Sung WooHa Jeong WooKim Dong Su and, Na Yun Seon.  Previous recipients of this award include veteran singer Lee Sun Hee (2010) &SNSD (2011). 2NE1 and SNSD are the only girl groups to win the Prime Minister’s Award.
YG’s CEO Yang Hyun Suk and 2NE1′s seniors, Big Bang, has also previously been awarded the President’s Award in 2011 and the Minister of Sports, Culture and Tourism award in 2010 respectively. This year, 2NE1′s label-mate PSY, is also being awarded the Cultural Medal award.
The awards comittee has praised 2NE1 as the image of talented musicians of powerful hip-hop & electronic music that are leading the Korean wave.
They have recently tweeted and posted the following introduction to the girls on their Facebook:
국무총리표창을 수상하게되는 2NE1을 소개합니다.^^ 2009년 Lollipop으로 데뷔하여 한국, 일본에서 큰사랑을 받고 있습니다. 파워풀한 힙합과 일렉트로닉 음악으로 실력파 뮤지션 2NE1 !!! twitpic.com/bc844r
Here’s an introduction of the awardee for the Prime Minister award, 2NE1.^^ After debuting in 2009 with Lollipop, they have received great love in both Korea and Japan. Talented musicians of powerful hip-hop & electronic music, 2NE1 !!!

Introducing the awardee for the Prime Minister Award, 2NE1.^^ After debuting in 2009 with Lollipop, 2NE1 received great love in both Korea and Japan!! They are the image of talented musicians of powerful hip-hop & electronic music that are leading the Korean wave and making valuable contributions to the development of popular culture~^^ Everyone please congratulate them!

The awards ceremony will be held on November 19 (18.30 – 20.30) at the Olympic Hall. It will also include performances from several K-pop stars such as miss A. Those who are interested to attend can apply for tickets by sharing a link on various SNS channels. They will then conduct a ballot for entry into the event.Update: 2NE1 was not able to attend the award ceremony due to scheduling conflicts.
Nevertheless, congratulations to the girls on this amazing achievement!!
2NE1 is the B E S T! ♥

Source: Award’s website, Facebook and Twitter | KOCCA 1, 2
Translations by nyldeabcd@ygladies.com

Article by staff@ygladies.com