How to blog about Affiliate links

When you have your own blog you can write a post about the products you promote.
And place your affiliate links in your text. Or make hyperlinks.

This is probably the hardest way.
Because you have to look for sources to write about,
And must do all the typing yourself, nonetheless it IS one of the most effective way to persuade your audience to click on your links.

When people read about a product, and you can bring out all the positive abilities from this product in your article, people will want to know more about this amazing product, and follow you through the links.

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Another way, is to promote your links in the sidebars of your blog.
This is a subtle way, people see the links and decide on there own if the want to click on them.

Always place some affiliate banners and ads in your sidebars.
This boosts the look of a professional website more.

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