2ne1 and Snoop Dog in Cartoon apearence for Addidas

2ne1and Legendary Snoop Dog have teamed up for Addidas.
As a result the special cartoon was produced.

It tells the old tale with Ebenezer and the ghosts of Christmas spirit.
With Snoop in leadrole

At 02:56 2ne1 is making their cartoon appearence!!

Pretty cool

Well folks, doesn’t this bring the spirit of holiday back to you!!??


15 HQ DSDS Pictures and Kaulitz Update



Everybody excited for Deutschland sucht den Superstar 2012??!!
The Kaulitz twins are the Jury for next year’s season for Germany most succesfull talent TV show Deutschland sucht den Superstar.
Together with Dieter Bohlen and Mateo aka Itchy are the Bill and Tom Kaulitz deciding jury for this season.

Here are 15 High Quality Official Pictures from Deutschland sucht den Superstar.

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There are rumors that the first episode will air on January, 5 2013

(source, )

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Kaulitz Twins @ SpendenMarathon 23.11.2012

VideoLink Here

In Additional to the: Humanoid City Tour Bike Post

The Humanoid Bike City Tour Bike is being Auctioned!

Bill Kaulitz and his twins brother Tom Kaulitz have donated their Humanoid City Bike up for auction.
This is their video message for RTL Spendenmarathon 2012.

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Here is the translation:
Bill: Hello Wolfram!
Tom: Hello!
Bill: We’re happy to be part of this year’s RTL Spendenmarathon (= telethon) again. It’s about children and that’s why we love to help and support it. This year we thought that …
Tom: I did, I did!
Bill: … Tom thought that we’d like to give our motor-bike away which was especially designed for us. We had a lot of fun with it, performed with it and toured through Europe.

It’s been our treasure so far and we really set our heart on it but now we’d love to give it away in order to support you. We hope that there’s someone who digs deep into his pocket and pays a lot of money. Dear audience, remember it’s about children, good luck and have fun with our motor-bike.
(source, 799km)

Special thanks to TokioHotelAliensSpain

Bill Kaulitz Chest Tattoo Meaning

Bill Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel has gotten a tattoo across his chest.
And a BIG one!
Tom Kaulitz has the same tattoo on his outer right-arm, but with different colors.

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On November, 22, 2012 Bill Kaulitz posted a picture of his tattoo on the Kaulitz twins personal app.

Bill has never said much about the meaning behind his chest tattoo, so I did some research for the meanings behind the symbols.

The big Triangle with the circle in the middle

This is a tough one.
NOWHERE could I find the symbol.
But it does remind me of the symbol of Solomon. The Triangle of Art.
Or the one with an eye in the middle.

I will search for more info on this one.
It’s gonna be though.

If you have info, please send me an email.

The eight pointed star symbol on the left

I searched for the same symbol, but all I found was the pentagram.
And other symbols that look-alike.
The eight pointed star is in Baltic mythology known as the Auseklis star
Auseklis is a goddess, in association with Venus.
Well actually He is the personification of the celestial body for Venus.
He is the third most popular deity (being, natural, supernatural or preternatural, with superhuman powers or qualities, and who may be thought of as holy, divine, or sacred) in Latvian Mythology. And is most of the time, only exclusively mention is folk songs. ( Tom and Bill are singers and musicians)

Auseklis the god
He is closely associated with Mēness (moon). they are sons of God, and are easily mistaken for eachother.
Kinda sounds like they are twins..hmm…
Auseklis is the groom of Saules meita (Daughter of the sun.)
But It is also said that Auseklis is often refferd to as being very young.

The symbol.
Auseklis is also the name of the eight-pointed star ( a regular octagram). And also known as one of the crosses of Lietuvēns (an evil spirit).
Ever saw a five-pointed star? Well this is the symbol for Venus. So both symbols assign to Auseklis.
Originally it was used for protection against evil spirits. Later the pentagram, the five-pointed star, became a symbol of evil spirits.
Both signs is to be made without lifting your hand from the paper.
In 1980 the octagram, the eight-pointed star, became the symbol of the third Latvian National Awakening.

What I think:
Auseklis and Mēness obvioussly looked alot like eachother, as they were easily mistaken for eachother.
So this could be the reason why Both of the twins have the same symbol. Also it is a sign of sun and love.
You know Darkside of the sun. Bill has a special feeling for the sun appearently.
The reason why I think Bill picked a contrasting star, black and white, is to symbolize the diffrences between Auseklis and Mēness, ( Sun – Moon )
Representing Him and his brother Tom.

The Elephant symbol on the right

First I thought it was kind of strange for Bill to put an Elephant as a symbol on your body.
But then I started searching for the meanings behind an elephant symbol.

Elephants are known for their great strength, stability, honor, and patience.
Their strong, no need to tell you that.But their way of honoring eachother and protecting their young is amazing…for an animal. These levels of honor you see rarely in human beings.
Bill once said that he respects the dead. And he finds it dishonorable to dicept someone who is dead.
Do you know what Elephants do when one of them dies?
They acompany the one who is dying to their graveyard. So he/she can die in a peacefull place.
If the one who is dying fails to make it to the graveyard. They carry the body/remains of him/her all the way to the graveyard. That what I call honorable.

Also Elephants are asociated with Royalty, because of their humangous size I guess.
And they have PATIENCE, alot of patience.

What I think:
Bill chose this symbol because of what they represent: strength, loyalty, and honor.
He is a honorable person and so is Tom. Perfect.

So What it would mean ingenuarally?
I guess something like.

Light and Darkness within Art, means strength.

Something like this.

I will keep searching for other meanings and be on the look out for that triangle-circle symbol.

I’ll keep you posted!! *^^*

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Humanoid Bike Being Auctioned

Remember THE bike from the Humanoid City Tour?
Also thought it’s the most coolest looking bike on the planet?
And wouldn’t you love to touch the spots where Bill rubbed his sweat onto?
Well it can be yours!

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THE bike =+2x DSDS VIP tickets for the finale is being auctioned tomorrow at 1pm ( German Time ) for the finale of Deutshland Sucht Den Superstar!

Tom and Bill Kaulitz are the judges for the most successful talent show on German television in 2013.
After two years of media break Tokio Hotel is finally back in the game, and have interrupted there creative process for the release of the fourth album to be judges!! AWW so cool,this means fans will see them every week on the tv in 2013!! We missed them.♥
Below is the original message, translated by Tokio Hotel Aliens Spain:

:Bill & Tom participated in the RTL Spendenmarathon 2012

The original Humanoid bike + 2x DSDS VIP tickets for the finale will be auctioned tomorrow at 1pm (german time). The auction will end at 2pm and lowest bid is 3000€!

Tokio Hotel, the most successful band from Germany is back after two years of media break: Bill and Tom Kaulitz will be jurors at “DSDS” in 2013. For the most successful talent show on German television the twins interrupted their creative break and work on the fourth studio album by Tokio Hotel. They are superstars: Bill and Tom, together with Gustav and Georg can look back on a worldwide career that is unparalleled. They have played over 300 shows around the world, before they retired to their last European tour.

Bill and Tom give us a bike that was specially made for their last tour “Humanoid 2010”. This motorcycle can be a wonderful decorator piece. In addition, there are two VIP tickets to the DSDS final next year.

Interested? Lowest bid: 3,000 EUR

Call at 13.00 clock
The auction ends at 14.00 clock

Translated by Tokio Hotel Aliens Spain:

And here’s a picture of the coolest looking bike in history

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17 new Pictures of the Kaulitz twins in Willemstad, Curaçao 12.11.2012



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Appearently Bill and Tom Kaulitz are enjoying there stay in Willemstad, Curaçao.
The Tokio Hotel twins are shooting new last parts of Deutschland sucht den Superstar,  in Curaçao.
Bill and Tom were spotted by a group of fans, who were so lucky that they could get some pictures with there idols.

And thanks to the hot weather of Curaçao, the boys are forced into not wearing much clothes. ( Closes )
So we can see alot from there toned and tanned bodies, and let’s not forget their new tattoos.

Ever since their last birthday, Bill and Tom Kaulitz share another twin tattoo.
Now we can see them clearly.
Bill on his chest, and Tom on his outer right arm, right above his elbow.

Bill looks so stylish, and full of energy.
And Tom looks so in place with his rasta dreads and the tropical scenery hihi *^^*

What do you think about it?
You like how the boys look??

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Tira SoulCalibur Misguided Angel of Death

Tira SoulCalibur Most loved

Tira is a character from the Soulcalibur series. Produced by Namco Bandai.
Her first appearance was in SoulCalibur III ( 3 )

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Tira is one of the Evil characters from the series.
She is Nightmare’s right-hand, who is the host for the Cursed Sword SoulEdge.
After SoulEdge was destroyed Tira traveled the world, searching for pieces from the scatterd sword.
Each time when she found one, she gave it to her Lord Nightmare the Azure Kight.
This was her way of being needed, and valueable. To the entity.
SoulEdge requiers souls and hosts to survive. Tira is a soul colector for SoulEdge, and searches for a rightful heir for the cursed sword.
She is also referred to as the Misguided Angel of Death.

Her fighting style is unique.
Tira’s weapon is a ciculair sword called a Ring Blade that reminds of a hula hoop.

She can easily swing her blade using her hands, wrists, feet and body.
Her style is acompanied by acrobatics, speed and flexibility.

Tira debuted in SoulCalibur III
Where she has short teal-colored hair, green with purple rags, that have probably been torn by her own ringblade, Purple-pink eyes, and featherd riges.
She also wears purple painted stripes on her body.
In the concept art it was shown that these strips were actually scars.
In SoulCalibur IV Tira has a more ‘human’ look.
The teal colored hair has been replaced for brown pigtails and her outfit is red.
Reminds of a jester.
Now in SoulCalibur V Tira has braided pigtails, resembling a jester hat, with three colors, white and two shades of purple.
Her skin is also very pale, though this could be because Tira has stopped aging, or has become immortal.
Her outfit looks like a fusion of SoulCalibur III and IV. The green and purple is back, and the jester feel is also intergrated within this theme.
Although her decorations are more sadistic.
Her belt is decorated with a buckle that is similair to the sabbatic goat head, wich is a reversed pentagram. Wich is a symbol for satanism and witchcraft.

Tira’s costumes are known for there feel of evil clown/jester.

Tira’s personality
Tira is bipolar and emotionally unstable.
Due to being exposed to SoulCalibur’s and SoulEdge conflict these opposite and erratic emotions caused her to develop two interchangeable personalities.
One being ruthless and egostical and the other more childish and happier.

But do not let this fool you.
Tira is a ruthless and sadistic assasin.
She was raised as an assasin and lives for the enjoyment of murdering others
Tira is addicted to killing and blood shedding.
But her other side shows that she is just a playfull and caring child.

Tira can either be very cute with a hint of insanity or be a ruthless murderer who is selfish and ruthless.

For what it’s worth.
Personally I think Tira is one of the most unique characters in the Soul series.
Her fighting style and weapon are not based on any other character in the history of video games.
Tira is comparable to Harley Quinn due to their playfullness and yet having so much fun killing people and bringing havok to others. And they are both Jesters/clowns/Evil.

Tira is my favorite character in Soul series, and I hope she will never be replaced or the decide to remove her from the series.

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