If you want to make it in the affiliate world and online marketing you need your own website.
But there are always a few issues if it comes to this website.
You don’t have your own website?
Or you don’t know how to make one.
And there is always option number 3
Don’t have that much money to spend to Make your own website

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Well that’s okay,
Let me tell you the truth about this website.
Not a single dime has been spend to set up this website.
Only some time.

First of,
Let’s say you do have some money you would like to invest.
Then I suggest you think up a name for your website first and see if it is available
Go Daddy is one of the best domain registers out there.
Plus they have great offers in hosting websites.
The offer free website software to build websites.
Better go take a look >>>
Get your own online store — in minutes! Quick Shopping Cart®

Now back to not spending a dime to create a website.
If you have a Google account you can create a Blogger blog.
Hold on I now what you are thinking, Blogger templates look uncool, and look like a blog.
Well think again.
Throughout the years Blogger has changed a lot and there are tons of blog templates that make your blogger blog look like a professional website.
Blogger is a free platform, and so are most of the templates.
Here are two websites where you can get amazing free blogger templates.

All you have to do is download the blog template you like.
Open the text template, copy and paste it into the HTML section of your blog, and there you go.
With every template download you get a easy step by step manual on how to install a blogger template, so it’s child’s play.

After you are done with your copy and paste template you are ready to go, and make posts with your affiliate links.

This is how you create your own free website.
There one thing you will need, that isn’t free of charge, and that is a domain name.
You get a free domain name from blogger, but is will always say .blogger
This does not look professional and won’t score high in search engines.
Plus when people see you own a blogger blog, then they might think you are trying to scam them.

Domains can be registered from $1, a year so that is very cheap and certainly the investment worthy.
Check out Go Daddy for these deals, or Hostgator. Both have very potential deals

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