Hello there!

If you never heard of affiliate and internet marketing I can imagine that you are probably asking yourself: What is Affiliate?
How to Affilite?
and Will I make money with Affiliate?

Let me explain to you step by step what affiliate means and how YOU can earn money with affiliates.

People how are affiliates, promote products and services for companies, to potential costumers, in return they receive commission for each sale, click, and lead.

Let make an example here.
There is an company that promotes mobile phones.
They want to promote these mobile phones trough advertisements on the web.
You are part of their affiliate program and receive banners and text banners to promote them.
When you are a affiliate you have your own website, so you can place these banners and etc, on your website.
When somebody sees the banners and clicks on them, you get commission.
When somebody lands on the company’s website, you receive commission.
When somebody buys a mobile phone, you receive commission.

It’s really that simple!

Everybody can do it!
That’s what’s so great about it.
You don’t have to be a skilled marketeer to do this.
There are single moms who do this.
People over 40 who lost their jobs thanks to economy crisis.
Even teenagers.

With just some simple clicks you can earn some extra money a month to help you in life.

How do I become an affiliate?
There are a lot of affiliate networks out there.
Here you can sign up to be become an affiliate.
Once your application has been approved you can start searching for marketeers that you see fit, and promote there links.

Some of the greatest and most successful affiliate networks are Clickbank and Commission Junction
There signup programs are simple and charge free.
Once you signed up for there affiliate program you can start promoting links and earn your commission.

You can promote affiliate links in all kinds of way.
You don’t need to own a website.
There are some few easy ways to promote affiliate links without having your own website.

Affiliate email marketing is also a powerful way to promote your links and earn commission.
When you have a big mail list you can type up a few words and place these affiliate links in your email.

Also when you use signature lines, you can put affiliate links in your tagline.
People will click easier on your affiliate links when they see it’s from people they already know.

Earn Money 
Affiliate networks have there own system to know how and when there was a sale or a click.
You can earn commission up 75% of each sale that is being made. This can be from $1 to $500 depending on what kind of affiliate program you signed up for.

For more information about affiliate networks, look under the Networks tap.

If you need more information:
Take a look at the MillionairSociety


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