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Bill Kaulitz Staring

A fantastic new picture of Bill Kaulitz.
Taken by his older twin brother Tom Kaulitz.

Tom: Bill… Staring….

Aparently the twins take daily drives :)

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Bill: Traffic

Bill added a new picture of the traffic jams in LA today,
Seems like he really enjoys teasing his fans without posting pictures of himself or his big brother on the app ^^
BTW everytime Bill makes pictures of the trafficjams is seems that je takes these pictures from the passenger seat next to the driverseat.  It kind looks like he never gets to drive, or he just made his big brother his personal chauffeur hihi

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New Picture Bill Kaulitz

Lies Angelies shot a new paparazzi photo from Bill kaulitz.

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Twins spotted in LA

Lies Angeles has done it again.
He has spotted our beloved twins in LA again.
It appears that they were doing some grocery shopping this time.

Love Tom’s new hair BTW ^^

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Tokio Hotel Alien News ***

I opend a newblog especially for TokioHotel Aliens ♥

This is were I will post news about our favorite rockband

Tokio Hotel Alien News

The website looks empty I am aware but I just opend it so there is still alot of work on my to do list for this blog…but I am working on it oke.

I also have some other things to attent to so…life…

Anyway feel free to take a look at this and comment if you want♥

Love you my Alien family!!

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Why do the twins never make writing mistakes?

You know I was wondering… 

Tom and Bill are not english native speakers. But on the app they always comment in perfect english. NEVER have I seen them make grammar mistakes, or writing mistakes.

I am not a native speaker and I make these mistakes.
The fans do make these mistakes….but it would be only normal if the boys would do it too right? …. O_o….starting to think that this app thing are not really the boys….oh silly me…

You Not Are

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Twins’ comments to fans!

Jennifer GH: “Haha, where did you take this picture? :))”
Bill: “@Jennifer GH: In our car:-)”

KarennnKltz..: “@Tom, but i like your braids dreadlocks Will return someday?”
Tom: “@KarennnKltz: To be honest I’m thinking about it currently! ;-)”

Yeah!! Dreadlock Tom is comming Back. But now he will have Black Dreadlocks hahaha like a Rastaman. He already smokes weed and Listens to BoB Marley so that’s a start. hahahaha XD

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Alien Wall Hangover Remedies

BTK App| Bill and Tom’s comments!!!

Chacha: “@Tom or @Bill you take the aspirin with a glass of water ;)”
Bill: “@Chacha: Yeah…that’s the only one I know!”

lovedash: “Smoke pot instead of drinking.”
Tom: “@lovedash: Nice one! ;-) thx”

I preffer Lovedash’s remedie XD

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Tom Kaulitz has a Hangover

Tom: Weekend

Hope everybody had great weekend!!! What are your guys’ secret against a hangover next day?

Haha looks like Tom Kaulitz Partied Hardy last night.
Having hangover babe? Probably because of that own alchogol talk he must’ve thougt he wanted to investigate wich liquor maker has the best skills that live up to his wanted qualities. Hahahaha

What I always do when I have a hangover is drink alchohol, More Alchohol yes!! Keep drinking.
A few shots of whiskey adda do the trick, if I don’t need to be somewhere that day that is.


Caffeine will only dehydrate you more, and since it’s also a diuretic, it will not help your stomach. Milk and other dairy products are also not a good idea; they may make you feel more queasy.

  • Ginger ale

Try a glass of flat ginger ale, which helps soothe your stomach flows.

  • FruitJuice
    (nigga what is this “juice”..I want my apple drink)

Juice is also a good plan  vitamin C will help give you back the energy you’ll need.

  • Obey your need to clench your thirst!!

Sports drinks have been known to work for some people.

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Tom Kaulitz wants a Vizsla ♥

Tom: Look Who I Met
;-) I love this breed !!!

Tom’s comments to fans!

Premini: “@Tom which other dog’s breed would you like to have?:-)”
Tom: “@Premini: I would love to have one of those! It’s a Vizsla! I also like Weimaraner! But there are so many cute breeds… I just love dogs!!! ;-)”

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